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About Kristine

Kristine is an Inspirational Speaker, Ghost-writer, Singer/Song-writer, and award-winning Author.  

Along with her in-depth background within the realm of human development and psychology,   (through her many years serving others as both a Marriage & Family Therapist and Educational Psychologist), Kristine has developed an “out of the box” service that is beyond the scope of traditional psychotherapy.  

Kristine now helps others, as a Relationship Expert /Coach to find the right words for what they really want to say in order to better resolve any matter of the heart.


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Kristine offers insightful wisdom on healing all types of relationships and offers a unique letter writing service

Professional Background

She served as an adjunct faculty professor teaching courses such as Human Development, Law & Ethics, and Social Concerns at National University in San Diego.  

Kristine’s educational background includes an MA in psychology from the University of San Diego, (1990), and post-graduate credentials in educational psychology from Chapman University, San Diego, (1999).  Beyond the realm of traditional psychotherapy,

Kristine has an in-depth background as a practitioner in subtle energy healing modalities as well as her specialized innovative approach known as “Inspired Heart Letters” for resolving any relational matter or concern in a most beautiful way.

Over the last 17 years, Kristine has provided a very novel approach for helping several hundreds of clients to quickly remedy and/or enhance their relationship struggles, (whether personal or professional), through creating Inspired Heart Letters. 

Along with her experience within the realm of relationships altogether, these highly intuitive letters are proven to be quite transformational for both the letter sender and receiver. 

Communication is key for opening our heart, telling the truth, finding solutions for experiencing more satisfying relationships. 

When you need to say something but you just can't find the words...

Are you struggling with a relationship issue that you can’t seem to resolve or get past?

Do you feel overwhelmed, sad, resentful, confused, or just so upset and disappointed you are not sure just how to “fix it” or move on?

I can help people who find themselves in  stressful, emotionally draining, or difficult relationship situations to powerfully resolve any type of relationship issue in a very unique way.

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A Book to Heal the Heart

How to write the words you really  want to say

Are you faced with a relationship conflict or concern that you'd like advice on how to heal?

Kristine is a relationship expert who offers compelling conversation in order to alleviate emotional intimidation or stress and promote a solution or positive outcome for a relational conflict or concern. 

Other literary works by Kristine...

Magical Words for an Inspired Heart

5 ways of being a more effective conscious communicator 

coming soon...

Be Frienship Focused

A small group program for anti-bullying

What Other Well-Known Relationship Experts are Saying...

Kristine has an uncanny ability to express the desires and feelings of others as if they are her own by tapping into her intuitive gifts of compassion and understanding. The magic of her written words has transformed lives and relationships. 

John Gray, PhD
author of Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus

There is nothing, truly nothing we treasure more than words written from the heart.  Soldiers carry love letters into battle. Mothers keep  every letter their children ever wrote.  No text or email can replace the impact of a heartfelt letter. And that is  why Your Heart, My  Words is so special.  It taps into the secret power of letters to heal relationships on all levels. I love this book.

Christiane Northrup, M.D. OB/GYN Physician & Author of the New York Times Bestsellers:  Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing; Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom;  and The Wisdom of  Menopause.

Kristine Grant is a gifted ghostwriter of letters of love, compassion, forgiveness, transformation and more. She has the remarkable ability to conjure the perfect, healing sequence of words, for the most difficult situations, that honestly and authentically convey your deepest feelings. Her priceless process results in both the letter writer and the letter receiver arriving in a place of peace. Through this book you will discover how to write letters that will indeed set you free!

Arielle Ford,
Author of The Soulmate Secret

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